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Do you manage an educational facility or school? Have you noticed that as the school year goes on, unnecessary, unused junk begins to pile up in classrooms, closets, and behind other closed doors? At Las Vegas Junk Disposal, we have helped countless schools in towns near you to get the summer clean out that they need. From extra desks that will never get used, to your usual older junk that teachers are never going to use, we can help.

The Benefits of Education and Schools Junk Removal

The number one goal of every education system, no matter where you live, is to ensure that the students can learn and grow in an environment that will cultivate their minds. When a person pictures an ideal classroom, they typically will imagine desks aligned in neat rows, colorful bulletin boards, possibly a reading area. What people do not want to see is junk all around a classroom! Unused furniture and excess materials can make for a cluttered classroom, where students have more trouble maneuvering around the room, and may even be distracted while trying to learn. Fortunately, at Las Vegas Junk Disposal, we offer professional junk removal services to help solve this issue, while offering a few other benefits. This includes:


  • Happier parents. When parents visit the school their children go to, they will not be surprised by the amount of clutter and junk that fill the classrooms. Instead, they will praise the neat, orderly rooms.
  • Role modeling for students. When students see that excess junk and clutter is allowed in their classroom, they might try to do the same thing at home. By working and spending time in an organized environment, they are more apt to make sure that they have similar spaces at home (like in their room!)


  • Saves time and money. Odds are that if your school or educational facility is full of junk and clutter, it will need to be cleaned up sometime. When you hire professionals like Las Vegas Junk Disposal, you are ensuring that everything will be properly removed and either recycled or thrown out. You are also saving yourself the time and money, instead of paying staff at the school to do it, or doing it yourself.

Our Process

Whether you need a lot of junk removed from the premise, or just a few pieces of furniture, Las Vegas Junk Disposal is here to help. Our process is a simple, yet effective one. It begins when you, the commercial client, gives us a call to schedule service, and discuss a little about the amount of junk you want removed. Based on that call, we will put together a team to arrive at your educational facility the day of service, with all the proper equipment we deem necessary for the job. We will then work quickly to remove everything that you no longer need. Once all the junk has left the premise, we will go through everything and decide what can be recycled and what must be thrown away.

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